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5 reasons your business needs a website now!

Mon March 21st 2016

Customers are always going to have questions, having a website allows them to find all their answers by checking your website. You are saving both time and resources. Customers are more likely to feel comfortable with doing business with you when you are only a click away.

Customers in today's world are constantly looking for information on search engines like Google or directories like Yelp. If your website is already there waiting for them then they will be able to find your website easily, from anywhere.

Because websites are highly customizable and personal, it is a great place to display your company's brand. The look and feel of your website give customers a true sense of your business culture and values. Your website is your chance to tell your story.

The lack of courage and the lack of direction are reasons small business owners take so long to starting a website. The idea of starting from scratch is always intimidating and not all small businesses are tech savvy with back-end technology. Hiring someone to build it for you is very beneficial while keeping your website up to date is surprisingly easy and straightforward. If you do things the right way it can take literally minutes to get a website up and running.

Seriously, get started now. It does not have to be the most perfect thing ever on day one. Start with a simple website. Just include a little information about your company, your products and services, and how to contact you. From there, It's important to keep your website updated with new content and be sure to add social media hyperlinks for places like Facebook and Twitter.

As one of Auckland's leading Chartered Accounting firms we have a flourishing website that can offer you a great example.